This tip was provided by Jacky Howe.

You can create a VB script to easily access a password-protected account in Internet Explorer. Simply save the script to a folder and then create a shortcut to it. If you’re running Windows XP, place the shortcut in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Favorites\Links. Windows Vista or Windows 7 users should place the shortcut in C:\Users\UserName\Favorites\Links.

Note: The Favorites folder that you are navigating to is displayed as the Favorites Bar. In Internet Explorer, you’ll have to enable the Favorites Bar under View | Toolbars to access the links.

When you get to the site that requires your username and password, place the cursor in the first field, which is normally the Logon ID, and left-click the appropriate link in your Favorites Bar. User information is copied over, and you’ll have access to the site. Log off when you’re finished.

Below is an example of the script. Copy and edit the text in NotePad. Also, be sure to give it a recognizable name with a .vbs extension. The names can be edited on the Favorites Bar by right-clicking and selecting Rename.

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)

WScript.Sleep 600

WshShell.SendKeys “Logon ID in here”

WScript.Sleep 600

WshShell.SendKeys (“{Tab}”)

WScript.Sleep 600

WshShell.SendKeys “Password in here”

WScript.Sleep 600

WshShell.SendKeys “~”

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