Welcome to the first post in our new TR Dojo Challenge series. Each Wednesday, I will publish a new question designed to test the technical skills and IT prowess of our TechRepublic members.

You’ll be able to find the question in both the TR Dojo blog and under the Questions section of the TechRepublic Forums. I’ll leave the Forum question open for one week. During that time, TechRepublic members can submit an answer using the Forums. At the end of the week, I’ll close the question and review the answers. The member who submitted the first, best answer will be featured in a follow-up TR Dojo Challenge article, posted on Thursday the week following the question’s publication. For being featured on the site, they will also earn themselves a bit of TechRepublic swag-a coffee mug and laptop sticker.

Now, there are a few rules to go over before we get to our first question.

1.       Only answers submitted to the question posted within the Forums will be considered for the follow-up article and swag.

2.       All answers must be original and must consist of more than a link or links to third-party resources.

3.       I will choose the correct response from the answers submitted and my decision is final.

With the rules out of the way, let’s get to our first question: How can you take a screen shot of the Windows UAC prompt?

IT pros are often called upon to create process documentation for both internal, IT department use and end-user support. With the release of Windows Vista, the steps outlined in this documentation often require a user to respond to a User Account Control (UAC) prompt. Unfortunately, when the UAC prompt appears, it normally prevents you from taking screen shots-either through a combination of the Print Screen button or a third-party application. However, there is a way to get around the UAC’s default behavior and capture screenshots of the prompt.

Alright, there you have it-the first TR Dojo Challenge question. To submit and answer, go to the question in the TechRepublic Forums. Good Luck!