Depending on which version of Firefox you have and how your installation is configured, you likely have a handy Search box on your Navigation toolbar. This box gives you quick access to several search engines. No need to navigate to Google, Bing, or Yahoo, just select one of the available engines as the default and enter your query.

This process is great for search engines, but what if you want to use the search feature of a Web site that’s not a search engine–TechRepublic for instance? Luckily, Firefox has a built-in feature that does just this. Using this feature you can configure the browser to use TechRepublic’s site search directly from Firefox’s address bar. For example, you could search for Windows 7 tips on TechRepublic by simply entering “tr windows 7 tips” into the address bar.

So, here’s the question: How can you use any Web site’s search feature directly from the Firefox address bar?

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