Windows XP Quick Launch toolbarNormally located right next to the Start button, the Windows Quick Launch toolbar is a handy way to access frequently used applications. On most of the Windows XP and Vista machines I use, the Quick Launch bar contains at least 10 shortcuts to my favorite Web browser, HTML editor, screen capture utility, office suite and email applications, the Command Prompt, and of course Calculator. Unfortunately, my beloved Quick Launch bar is nowhere to be found in Windows 7.

Some of you might ask why I would want to use the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 7 when you can easily pin applications to the Taskbar? There are several reasons. First, I hate how Windows 7 mixes running application icons with the application shortcuts pinned to the Taskbar. Second, the Quick Launch bar allows me to place more shortcuts in a smaller space. Even using the small icons setting, there’s still quite a bit of space between the Taskbar icons. When you put between 10 and 15 application shortcuts on the standard Taskbar, they stretch nearly halfway across the screen. Third, it’s MY desktop. I really don’t need a reason other than “I like it that way.”

And, I’m not alone in my pension for the Taskbar. TechRepbulic member Kirke recently sent me an email about this and several other Windows 7 annoyances. I’ll be sending him a little TechRepublic swag for his effort and will send some your way, if you can answer this week’s TR Dojo Challenge question.

So, here it is: How do you enable the Quick Launch toolbar on Windows 7?

About the TR Dojo Challenge Series

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