This week’s TR Out Loud is a free for all! Find out more than you ever wanted to know about Beth and Sonja, including information about one of their adventures together outside the office. Oh, and all that forums-related stuff, too. Sonja had a great time recording this week’s podcast, and Beth — well, she had a hoot.

Listen to the podcast! And if you don’t have anything else to do, check out the photo gallery: Sonja wears many different hats.

Top discussion threads:

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  3. What CAN’T Linux do?
  4. Starbucks to fight tip-sharing court ruling
  5. Do you work with a bully? You’re not alone

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Question of the Week:

Provided by jdclyde: What IT talents do you hide so that you won’t have to do that type of work? Also, does Beth have a southern drawl?

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