Welcome back to TR Out Loud! I hope you are as eager to hear this new edition as we were to record it. There are quite a few shout-outs to regular members and a couple to newbies, as well. Listen to the podcast to find out if you’re a “sweet biscuit” or on the ShhhIT List!

Questions of the Week:

What was your first computer-like device?


What did the first program you created, outside a class assignment, do?

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Question of the Week: Provided by TheChas.
“Sweet Biscuits:”

ShhhIT List

  • ThumbsUp2 (Calm down!)
  • Inky960 (Welcome to TR. Don’t get scared and run away yet. Wait until something really scary happens!)
  • rcottrell88 (No, kiss MY spam!)

Tribute to Palmetto:

We know what you wrote, and we secretly loved it!