Join us for TR Out Loud this week to find out what delightful lass provided the question of the week. Also, listen to what’s sure to become a legendary rant from Beth in this week’s ShhhIT list segment.

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Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena this week?

1. Robo_dev

2. ComputerCookie

3. OH Smeg

4. Bart777 and Kjell_Andorsen

5. Peconet Tietokoneet

Question of the Week:

Provided by Gadget Girl:

What was the silliest excuse you’ve ever used at work, and did you get away with it?

Send your answers to TROL at or call toll free (866)-414-CNET (2638). Keep your answers under 30 seconds or we won’t consider them! If we use your answer in next week’s show, you’ll get some TR gear, like T-shirts, mugs, etc.