Welcome to the launch of TR Out Loud! We’ve developed this podcast especially for our “hardcore” members, as well as those who’d like to join that cool kids’ club!

This first show was recorded Thursday, February 7, and runs a little over 10 minutes. It features a list of top discussion threads and top posters for the week. You may notice that the top five threads aren’t really very active… that’s because I screwed up the data. (I stayed out a bit too late on Wednesday night. What do you want from me? Perfection?) Nevertheless, we had such fun recording it that we just had to go ahead and share it with you! Listen to the podcast.

Next week’s edition is your chance to get involved! Provide a short answer to the Question of the Week: What is your most creative use of technology?

Send your answers to enews3@cnet.com. Be brief, please! If we use your answer in next week’s show, you’ll get some TR schwag! (T-shirts, mugs, etc.)

Also, feel free to provide feedback in this blog’s discussion. Perhaps you have suggestions for improving the show, features you’d like to hear, or maybe you just want to make fun of my Southern accent!

And now… On with the show!


Top discussion threads:

Question of the Week provided by: Tricia Liebert, aka TiggerTwo.

The ShhhIT List: