You’re in for a special treat this week, kids! TiggerTwo, also known as Tricia Liebert, has joined us in the studio for TR Out Loud. Listen to the podcast.

Top discussion threads:

1. Can a dress code prohibit body art?

2. Simple design (Cracking open the Commodore 64)

3. Off hours: Put your name in the Windows XP notification area

4. Is global warming turned into global cooling, or just an adjustment?

5. Are you prepared to Google your medical records?

Most “Thumbs Up” in the TR Questions arena this week?
1. robo_dev
2. CG IT
3. True Blue
4. ComputerCookie
5. Dumphrey
Question of the Week:

Provided by Seanferd:

What’s your best project-gone-wrong horror story? Tell us about a project that seemed destined to fail until fate lent a hand and you all learned a valuable lesson in the end.
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