Managing disk space can be a
real challenge on Windows 2000 Servers that host space for more than a few users. Quotas can
be a very valuable tool for controlling disk usage, but reporting disk usage is
important even if you are not using quotas.

One tool you can use to gather
disk usage information is the Diskuse.exe console tool included in the Windows
2000 Resource Kit. Diskuse scans directories and
reports the space used by each user. You can use Diskuse
on a single directory, a directory tree, or an entire disk. With Diskuse, you have the option to report on all users or on a
specific user as needed.

You will find Diskuse.exe in the
\Program Files\Resource Kit folder. To check disk usage with this tool, open a
command console and execute DISKUSE with the appropriate switches. To view a
list of supported switches, execute the command DISKUSE /?.

In some situations you will only
need to view disk usage on screen. You can, however, store disk usage reports
to disk using the /F switch. For example, the following command would store the
disk use report in the file DiskReport.txt:

DISKUSE /F:DiskReport.txt

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