Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Salesforce’s Trailhead platform launched a skills graph feature for the site’s users, better highlighting developer skills and specialties.
  • The skills graph on Trailhead could help developers derive more value from the platform as an alternative to traditional resumes.

Developers using Salesforce’s Trailhead platform will have a new way to showcase their expertise through a new skills graph feature the company recently added to the platform, our sister site ZDNet said.

The graph shows what badges a Trailhead user has earned, along with a percentage-based look at the developer’s skillset. With a more detailed look at a person’s specific skills and progress towards mastering them, the feature could revamp the tech resume, if not act as a supplement.

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Specifically, the profile lists all of the badges, points, and tasks completed on the site, along with a spot for job history and social media links, PC Mag said. The skills graph sits to the side of the profile, summarizing top skills. Users are also given a URL to share the profile.

Since traditional resumes focus on work experience more than skills, the skills graph could play to the favor of tech professionals who are trying to enter the field or have minimal history in the field.

“The reality is you’re hiring people for jobs based on their skills and what they can do,” Sarah Franklin, general manager of Salesforce’s Trailhead, told ZDNet.

As an free online learning platform, Trailhead may have more people trying to break into the field or update their skillset than the normal tech job applicant pool. This may also lead to a more diverse set of applicants.

Trailhead received some upgrades at November 2017’s Dreamforce. Companies were able to add their own branding and training materials to the platform, along with the option to customize existing Trailhead material.