Geeks and fitness aren’t often associated with each other. Sure, there are plenty of us who trek to the gym a couple of times a week and probably some who occasionally walk (or perhaps even run) a charity 5K, but let’s face it: people need motivation to get in shape. One event has found the perfect motivation to encourage geeks to not only run a 5K race, but to work hard to train for it. The “Run For Your Lives” zombie run is designed with one purpose: train well or be eaten.

This unique 5K experience pits runners against the zombified living dead. Each runner will wear life flags (sort of like flag football); the flags represent brains, and the zombies are after them. Participants will run through a forest, dodging well-trained zombie volunteers. Runners aren’t just training to keep their brains in their skulls — they must also complete 12 obstacles in order to qualify for prizes. When you add the obstacles (so far only three obstacles have been announced — an uphill climb, a chain link fence between you and the finish, and “sewage” tubes filled with muck), and what you have is a test run of the zombie apocalypse. Those who finish without at least one life flag and those who do not complete all obstacles will have their times listed as “zombie” and are not eligible for prizes. Fear not, though — all runners get into the Apocalypse after-party for free.

The inaugural event takes place in Darlington, Maryland on October 22, 2011 (though plans are already in the works to spread the apocalypse next year). Those wishing to participate must purchase tickets online before October 1, 2011. If watching others be eaten by zombies is more your style, you can still attend as a spectator (you do still need a ticket) and party all day while the run takes place in the forest around you.

Follow Run for Your Lives on Facebook and Twitter for announcements about the obstacles and events. Oh, and make sure you study the map closely — there will be decisions to make regarding the route you take, and you might find yourself running a 10K zombie apocalypse.

If this zombie obstacle course was offered where you live, would you participate? Let us know.