The business-to-business (B2B) arena on the Internet is hot. If you wondered how the training business would be joining the fray, have no fear. TrainingNet is here! If you are looking for a training-focused homepage for yourself, if you are looking for a portal that can provide a variety of resources you’ll use on a regular basis, or if you are looking to build an internal home page, might be your answer.

A big site
Since I called it a portal, you might expect TrainingNet to be a large site. When you click there, you won’t be disappointed. The site features a search engine that allows you to search on a topic and receive classroom, video, audio, online (and more) results. You can also begin your search with the Yahoo-like category listings on the home page. Additionally, you can customize your future visits by filling out an online form. This customization will speed your searches (by predefining your geographical area) and more.

This searching-over-multiple-resources feature alone might make the site worth a visit, but there is more. Along the left side of the home page there are four other sections for you to explore. Which of these will be of interest to you and your organization will depend on what you’re looking for, but it seems likely that at least one of them will be a good fit. They are:

  • Corporations and Small Businesses. Organizations can create a customized TrainingNet marketplace on their own intranet, link to the current public Marketplace, or, as is promised in the near future, develop and track training plans for a team.
  • Strategic Partners. Web sites can co-brand the TrainingNet’s site with their own, providing additional services to their customers, without having to build those services.
  • Training Providers. Training suppliers can submit an application to have their courses included in TrainingNet’s database. Additionally, they can participate in the RFP Exchange described below.
  • RFP Exchange. The RFP Exchange is just what the title indicates, a place for companies who need training resources to post a request, knowing that a large group of providers will see the request, and hopefully respond. Providers can access this exchange for a yearly fee and a percentage of the fees gained, if the requesting company selects them.

Final impressions
TrainingNet is a fine site with a bright future. It offers services for anyone in the training business—both buyers and sellers. In the growing field of business-to-business Web applications, TrainingNet is a worthy entry. While other sites may exist with this mission, I haven’t come across them yet (if you have, let me know and we’ll review them in the coming weeks). I encourage you to visit and see how TrainingNet can help you. Table Ashows the summary of my review.

Table A
Here’s Kevin’s summary of his review of

Kevin Eikenberry is President of the Discian Group, a learning consulting company in Indianapolis. If you would like to comment on this article or have any questions or suggestions for other Web sites to review, please follow this link to write to Kevin.