We’ve had about 25 responses to last week’s article titled “NT is dead; long live Windows 2000 .” For those of you who are in the certification career path or thought you had met the end of the road, we’d like to share some of your fellow IT professionals’ responses to the NT certification issue. We’re only highlighting a select number of the responses, so please check out the original article to see all the posted responses.
We’d like to know what your plans are for obtaining your certification, knowing what you do now about the future retirement of NT certification. What are your plans for obtaining your Windows 2000 certification? Please post your comments at the bottom of this page to share with your fellow IT readers.
Javabiz says “Bill wants more annual dues”
“Okay, I guess we’ll all have to shell out. But since I didn’t pay a dime originally–I guess I can’t be too upset. So let’s see, we had 3.11, W95, W98, NT, and now W2K. Seems like a convenient way to start the new millennium. Wait till 2001 comes out–they could call it Armageddon.”

Ed Molinari, CCNA, comments on certification
“I have mixed emotions on Microsoft’s decision to nix the NT 4.0 certs. I am disappointed not from the standpoint of having to update the cert, but because I wonder where the hell I am going to get experience on an OS that my company (and most of our clients) are not going to have for some time! I don’t want to have to go work for joeholeinthewall.com to learn practical 2000 skills.

“I busted my back over the years as a PC tech, tech manager, and net architect to hone my skills and resent the fact that a guy that was a fry cook last week now has the same cert that I do. God bless the guy for trying but let’s be real here.”

JLHainy says “Who cares?”
“Microsoft is simply trying to intimidate everyone into upgrading. There are, and will continue to be, a lot of companies that will not be able to upgrade for years. So, will Microsoft really not support NT for all those businesses that cannot or will not upgrade? Will they lose them to Novell or Linux? Novell once had 78% of the market and lost it. I would laugh my head off to see Microsoft do the same thing.

DKingston says “Raise the bar…”
“I’m glad to see Microsoft is raising the bar for MCSE’s. I’ve always thought it silly that you can take a 12-day course and be an MCSE. I’m working toward my MCSD and the cert tests are absolutely miserable. Some of the questions cover minutiae issues that you wouldn’t and couldn’t know if you hadn’t been writing code. I’m not saying an MCSE is useless. It at least shows initiative and a certain amount of dedication, but maybe now it’ll show technical competence as well.”

Darren Brown, MCP thinks, “It’s about time”
“It’s about time they did something to thin out the MCSE/MCP population. Novell had to do the same thing a few years ago when they came out with 4.0. Everyone and their dog was a CNE in NetWare 3. Then to thin out the herd, they said that it no longer applied. Smart move. Makes it so that the MCSE is worth a few more bucks a year. Linux will be the next certification after everyone becomes a “professional” at it…. Unfortunately, that’s the name of the game.”

Nyawallo says “Microsoft is rushing again”
They haven’t had enough time to prepare the course work and exams, but they are ready to push it down our throats, like it or not. I believe there aren’t even enough MCTs to train these tracks, so we end up with shoddy deliveries of courses too. I’ll eventually have to do the track myself, but in the meantime I think it’s more useful to invest in CISCO exams.”

Ranandlin thinks “Microsoft is hurting itself”
“I do agree that the testing should be more stringent; but to quickly end support for the system that got them a lion’s share of the market smacks of arrogance (and too speculative given their prior history of service pack fixit’s). Doesn’t it make sense to support your products longer than it takes to kick out new service packs for W2K? Some people would think what Microsoft is doing is bold, but there is the possibility that they could fumble the same way Novell did with 4.x.”

MCSE_2001 likes “The new W2K cert track”
“Even though I completed my MCSE track in Dec 1998, I’m very glad to see the new Windows 2000 certification requirements. I have approximately 8 years of experience, and I’ve seen far too many” paper MCSEs “out there who don’t know anything about networks or NT, yet they can spit out the answers oh so glibly. It’s about time Microsoft changed the game to make it tougher. If you’re serious about being certified, then earn it!”