Finding a quality resource is always a bit of a challenge, but when I saw TrainingSuperSite, I realized this site deserved a bookmark. At first glance, this site’s simple design belied its wealth of information. But after doing some digging through the site, I began to see its many benefits.

TrainingSuperSite offers many new concepts as well as the reliable resources of many other sites. Some of these include:

  • Publications
  • Job Bank
  • Training Mall
  • Cinema
  • IT Lending Library

You can find links to several training magazines, newsletters, and books. A link to Lakewood Publications allows you to click on several of its titles, including Training magazine. From Lakewood’s page, you will find links to the Technology for Learning newsletter and the Training Directors Forum newsletter. Links to new training technology are also listed on the page.

Job Bank
Looking for a job or looking for someone to fill that open job position? Well, this site can help you. Through the Recruiting and Career Centers, you can search for a job, post your resume, or find qualified candidates for the position you’re trying to fill.

Training Mall
Need a training tool? The mall has links to many different outlets where you can browse, find, and buy your next training tool. The guide to products and service provider links offers many valuable resources for your training support items.

TrainingSuperSite features a virtual theater with access to digital video delivery of training and presentation methods. Through RealAudio, the cinema link explains everything from new training tools to how to navigate the site.

IT Lending Library
This is a database of collected material that you, as an IT professional, can buy or rent. Many titles dealing with client/server, MCSE, and Y2K are offered. Members of the IT lending group will enjoy a discounted rate as well.

What I like about the site
A couple of my favorite concepts include the Cinema and IT Lending Library links on the site. If you’re a training professional or just someone who wants to stay up to date on the newest training jargon, the cinema link is a nice offering. The forums, publications, and research links give a plethora of information.

Overall review
As an IT manager in today’s rapidly changing tech world, it is refreshing to come across a resource such as this. I highly recommend you check out TrainingSuperSite today.
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