There’s a reason Transcender boasts the most market share of any IT certification practice test provider. Its simulation exams are among the best available, and they just keep getting better.
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The Transcender staff in Tennessee has been keeping busy. In addition to rolling out prep tests for the entire Windows 2000 program, they’ve created a new club and added a new online update feature to ensure the content you’re studying is current as possible.

The club
If you surf out to the company’s Web site, you’ll see links for the Transcender Club. Two levels of membership exist: customer and guest. Customer-level members receive customized discounts and notification of new product releases. In addition, they can take advantage of special upgrade pricing.

Guest-level members receive “Spike’s Specials” discounts, which are also available to customer-level members. Transcender said in a news release that it will be changing these discounts frequently.

Other benefits of club membership include access to a regular certification column, live chats, and Transcender’s new online update service.

Transcender Live Update
One of the biggest challenges in creating practice test questions is making sure that the answers are accurate. Occasionally, despite the best of efforts, mistakes can be made. Or different scenarios can be added to the genuine exam, making it easy to become as confused as a south Florida voter when it comes to determining a question’s correct answer.

Transcender has implemented a new software feature to solve such problems. Transcender Live Update scans your TranscenderCert exam simulation, checks for updates, and prompts you about the latest content. No longer must you search errata files for updates or download patches.

Transcender’s new 2000 MCSE TranscenderCert products include the new Live Update feature. Other Transcender products will add the feature later.

Exams, and now quizzes, too
It’s not the club or the update feature that’s made Transcender number one, though. It’s the quality and consistency of its practice tests that have won IT professionals’ dollars.

And now, in addition to its TranscenderCert exam software, the company has added TranscenderFlash quizzes to help bolster your expertise. The Flash CD-ROMs are add-ons to the Cert software.

You’re probably already familiar with the TranscenderCert tests. They provide a close approximation of the real McCoy, down to the use of exhibits, consoles, and drag-and-drop scenarios.

TranscenderCert software mimics the real exam you’ll be taking.

The new TranscenderFlash quizzes are similar to flashcards. They offer a less formal format that helps you hone your skills rather than prepare you for the actual exam environment.

TranscenderFlash software requires you to type in the answer to each question.

Both Cert and Flash offer the following features:

  • Questions tailored to exam content
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Custom question generation
  • Random question generation

But don’t expect to get ‘em cheap. Single-user licenses for the Windows 2000 core exam Cert CD-ROMs run $149. Package deals are available as well.

Associated Flash software can be added to most individual Windows 2000 Cert products for about $20. For complete pricing information, visit Transcender’s Web site. You’ll also find information there regarding Transcender’s money-back guarantee.

Together, TranscenderCert and TranscenderFlash deliver a powerful one-two punch. If you feel like you’re headed into a heavyweight battle, you’d be well served trying these Transcender products as your trainer.
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