Let the record show, your honor, that The Trivia Geek was behind the idea of G4’s Star Trek 2.0 as originally described: A fan-friendly enhancement of the original Trek series, with lots of cool widgets at the edge of the screen, displaying Pop Up Video-style tidbits of information and basically giving you some fun running tallies to aid your Spock-driven drinking games.

What we got instead was a crap-load of meaningless features and fan-forum noise which makes watching the actual show almost impossible. It’s like Star Trek engineered by Microsoft by way of Total Request Live. In a word: Awful.

Now, there’s at least one fanboy who has an idea of what Star Trek 2.0 should have been–TrekEnhanced.com. He’s taken the Trek episode “The Doomsday Machine” (a personal favorite) and redone the special effects shots. We’re not talking about a George Lucas-style CGI hate crime a la Star Wars: Special Edition, but a genuine improvement to an acknowledged classic. No new characters are interspliced and no plot points are suddenly revised (Han shot first, I tells ya!).

The final product looks a great deal like the retro effects from a few Deep Space Nine and Enterprise episodes that showed classic Trek vessels. You can get a peek at some of his original proof-of-concept reel, or see all the redone scenes from the episode. There’s also a side-by-side reel with the new and old shots, but it’s a little bulky as a download. In any case, this is a spruce-up that’s both reverential and revitalizing.

The man behind the site, Daren Dochterman, has reputedly pitched Paramount for the right to enhancing the entire original Star Trek series. Here’s hoping he gets the green light, because I’d lay good money to see hwo the planet killer/Enterpise fight looks after he’s waved his CGI wand over the original print.