LeakProof 3.0 is Trend Micro’s first product in one of the largest growing segments of enterprise security, data leak prevention.

An excerpt from TechWorld:

With most data leaks occurring due to internal staff, a number of remedies have appeared, including installing spyware on the PCs to monitor employee actions. Trend’s LeakProof, however, allows IT managers to define content-sensitive dialog boxes that appear directly onto an employee’s computer screen.

Acknowledging that most data breaches are more accidental than intentional, the software enables organizations to monitor various endpoints of sensitive data, such as USB drives, Web mail accounts, IMs, and interrupt transfer of sensitive data. There is also support for the encryption of transferred data so that the data loss is not a casualty.

Recent acquisitions by security majors such as Symantec and McAfee, along with Trend Micro’s acquisition of Provilla (LeakProof 3.0 is its flag ship product), show that security firms see a lot of activity in the data leak prevention space.

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