Tripwire, the company to watch out for in the fast-growing market segment called configuration auditing and control, will launch the latest release of its Tripwire Enterprise software come July 16.

According to eWeek:

Tripwire Enterprise 7 is aimed at helping IT get a better handle on unauthorized configuration changes that can cause outages, regulatory compliance violations or open security vulnerabilities. The new version adds a large number of configuration assessments and reports that address operational, regulatory and security compliance issues.

When first deployed, it performs an initial scan of the IT infrastructure and assesses the current stage of the various configurations.

A risk profile matched against industry-defined benchmarks or best practices will then be presented to the customer for his action.

Version 7 emphasizes risk remediation by adding the ability to detect unauthorized changes and then reversing those changes to a “good” and known state. It also has the ability to detect changes made in popular virtualization packages, such as VMware’s ESX and Sun’s Solaris virtual server environments.

You can read more about Tripwire Enterprise 7 here.

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