The console-based ipconfig command enables you to view and set IP settings for
the local computer. For example, the follow command lists all settings and
properties for IP:


However, configuring IP settings isn’t the only task you can
perform with ipconfig. This handy tool also lets you
view DNS information and troubleshoot DNS problems.

For example, if a DNS lookup has failed because a DNS server
wasn’t available, that failed lookup is cached by the computer. You can clear
the local DNS resolver cache with the following


When you’re troubleshooting DNS, it’s sometimes useful to be
able to view the contents of the resolver cache to
determine what the resolver has returned for a
particular host. To view the cache, use the following command:


In addition, you can also cause Windows to update the DNS
record for the local host in the local DNS server:


Updating the host record in DNS ensures that the host name
will resolve to the appropriate IP address after a DHCP lease renewal or manual
address change.

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