When troubleshooting network problems, you might follow a trial-and-error approach that eventually leads you to the answer, but a more organized method will save you time and make your troubleshooting more efficient. Global Knowledge provides a guide, “TCP/IP Sleuthing: Troubleshooting TCP/IP Using Your Toolbox,” that offers a concise troubleshooting methodoloy, based on the OSI model.

The OSI model divides the network architecture into seven layers:

Layer 7 Application

Layer 6 Presentation

Layer 5 Session

Layer 4 Transport

Layer 3 Network

Layer 2 Data Link

Layer 1 Physical

This handy 13-page white paper outlines troubleshooting tips for each layer using common network tools such as ARP, ping, NETSTAT, and protocol analyzers. If you need more method to your madness, download this guide from the TechRepublic directory.