If you’re scrambling to finish a Windows NT 4.0 certification, you’re about out of time. Luckily, there’s a free Internet resource you can use to help cram for those final exams.
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Find free online tests at ITTutor
ITTutor offers some 550 free exams online. The catch? Practice exams are available only for the following 11 topics:

  • Windows 2000 Upgrade
  • NT 4.0 in the Enterprise
  • NT 4.0 Server
  • NT 4.0 Workstation
  • NT 4.0 Administration
  • TCP/IP for NT 4.0
  • Exchange 5.5
  • IIS 4.0
  • Networking Essentials
  • SQL 7.0 Implementation
  • SQL 7.0 Data Warehousing

However, if you’re in a pinch and are seeking additional resources to help prepare for one last NT 4.0 exam before it retires, you’ll pretty much find all the big topics covered. In addition, each exam is 15 questions long. So you can take 15-question exams on a single topic over and over again and never see the same question twice.

ITTutor presents straightforward questions like ones you might see from Self Test Software or older Transcender products. Answers are readily available; all you need to do is select Click Here.

Once you’ve completed an exam, ITTutor presents an Exam Score Card that will tell you how many questions you answered correctly.

The Exam Score Card presents your score.

If you’re confused about a particular answer, click the associated Explanation link. Doing so reveals more information about the question, including the source.

You can view an answer analysis for a particular question by clicking the Explanation option beside it.

Online instruction
ITTutor also offers training information. Like the exams, the online training seminars are free. As of this writing, six courses were available:

  • Networking Essentials
  • Windows NT 4.0 (Server, Workstation, and Enterprise)
  • Exchange Server 5.5
  • TCP/IP on a Windows NT 4.0 Network
  • Visual Basic Database Access
  • Exchange 5.5 Advanced Security

The courses are broken into logical topics. Each of those topics are then broken into neatly organized sections you can easily read online.

ITTutor’s online courses present short, neat snapshots of information you should know before trying an exam.

You’ll find other features on ITTutor, too. The site boasts forums, links to other certification resources, and an FAQ. You’ll have to register to use these features, but the registration’s free.

If you prefer to take your tests offline, or if you’ve got a laptop and you’ll be traveling, you may find ITTutor’s Software section interesting. Soon, the site will launch ITTutor Gold, a software program you’ll be able to download. With it, you can take an exam offline and then, when you reconnect to the Internet, you can upload your exam answers. Once you’re reconnected, ITTutor’s goal is to provide test takers with additional explanations for exam answers and extra training information.

Until then, if you’re working to complete an NT 4.0 cert under the gun, I expect you’ll find the Exam and Training sections helpful. Good luck!
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