I’ve been using Asana to track tasks on a corporate client project and came across this tip that makes it easy to turn an email into an Asana task that I want to share. This tip also works great if you use Asana to manage personal projects or New Year’s resolutions.

Set up email in Asana

You have to specify where you want to email your tasks:

  1. Log in to Asana.
  2. Click your name in the lower left hand corner of the Asana interface.
  3. Click the Email Dropbox tab (Figure A).
  4. Choose the workspace where you want to email your tasks.

Figure A

Email Dropbox tab in Asana

Email your task to an Asana workspace

Asana parses a task in your email as follows:

  • Email subject specifies the task name
  • Email body includes task notes
  • Email attachments become task attachments
  • CC’ed recipients become task followers

When you compose an Asana task in your email client, email it to x.mail.asana.com. You cannot add subtasks using this method.

Email your task to an Asana project

To email your task to an Asana project directly, follow these steps:

  1. Find the project ID by selecting the project or a task by reading the URL (http://app.asana.com/#/0/FirstNumber/SecondNumber). The FirstNumber is the ID number of the project.
  2. Send an email to x+FirstNumber@mail.asana.com.

There are no changes in how Asana parses tasks from email using the second method.

If you use Asana and need to offload project information from your inbox or have times when you don’t have access to Asana, I can’t recommend this tip enough.