I appeared on This Week in Tech (TWiT), episode 205 on July 26 and we discussed a lot of topics from the Palm Pre’s battle over iTunes sync to the Mac dominating sales of $1000+ computers, but the topic we spent the most time debating was the fate of Microsoft.

It was a great conversation with Leo Laporte, the host of the show, along with Mashable’s Pete Cashmore and technology pundit John C. Dvorak. Dvorak had just written a piece for MarketWatch entitled Is the party over for Microsoft? I’ve also written a couple recent columns on Microsoft’s strategic trajectory:

There was definitely a clash of opinions, but I think the result was a pretty well-rounded look at the challenges Microsoft is facing, the money it’s wasting, and the things it will need to do to stay relevant in the years ahead.

You  can click the play button on the player at the top of this post to listen to the podcast, or download the MP3 file (right-click and do a “Save as”), or subscribe to TWiT via iTunes (which I would definitely recommend).

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