Twitter is developing a way for users to save tweets for later.

According to tweets from Twitter executives and product managers on Monday, the upcoming bookmarking feature will let users save tweets in a private list for future reference.

Using #SaveForLater, Twitter product manager Jesar Shah tweeted a GIF of an early prototype of the bookmarking process. As is, users will be able to click on the more menu on a tweet and hit “Add to Bookmarks”–much like the process for sharing a tweet via direct message. Users access the bookmark list in the main drop-down menu that houses links for settings, lists, moments, and additional features.

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Shah noted the feature is in the early stages of development and the social media platform is looking for feedback before a finalized version is rolled out.

Currently, users have a few options to save tweets for later use. They can publicly like or retweet something and run the risk of implying an endorsement of the tweet’s content. They can also go through the slightly cumbersome task of direct messaging or emailing a tweet to themselves. They can also use services like Pocket or a note-taking app to save tweets outside of Twitter.

Shah said many users have asked for a way to easily and privately store tweets, especially users in Japan. The new in-house option will most likely be the fastest process for storing tweets, allowing for a streamlined, private list not stored with a third party.

Aside from avoiding potential undesired endorsements, business leaders will be able to save tweets about their companies for future public relations use or links to stories to help them improve their business in the list of saved tweets. The tool will also increase productivity by giving leaders a quicker way to save tweets than the current workarounds.

According to an announcement by Twitter vice president of product Keith Coleman, the development was a part of a recent Twitter HackWeek, a week focused on creating new ideas for the company.

Twitter hasn’t publicly announced a release date or timeline for the bookmarking feature.

In terms of new services, Twitter recently began testing a 280 character limit with some users, which would double the currently available word count.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Twitter will allow users to bookmark tweets for later viewing in a dedicated area on the site, giving a potentially better option than liking, retweeting, or emailing a tweet to themselves to save it.
  2. Unlike current options for saving tweets, the new feature will be private.
  3. Business leaders will be able to save links to positive tweets about their brand, business ideas, and more on the social media platform itself.