Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Twitter announced the enterprise version of its Account Activity API, designed for developers who need to access data from a large number of accounts in real time.
  • New direct message features will help companies better engage with customers through quick replies, welcome messages, and prompts.

On Tuesday, Twitter released the enterprise version of its Account Activity API, allowing developers to receive the full set of activities related to an account in real time, including likes, mentions, and retweets.

Developers can use this data to power chatbot services for customer service and marketing, or create more contextual apps.

Companies including Samsung, MTV, TBS, and Wendy’s are using the direct message features to create personalized marketing campaigns with chatbots, Cipriano wrote. Other brands, including Tesco and Evernote, are using the features for customer service.

The Account Activity API was released to developers in beta back in April, as reported by TechRepublic’s sister site ZDNet, in an effort to improve the site’s relationship with developers, which has a rocky history.

The enterprise version is designed for developers who need data for a large number of accounts, multiple webhook URLs, reliability features, or managed support, according to a blog post from Twitter developer advocate Jon Cipriano.

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“The Account Activity API offers a faster and more streamlined way to access data, and is more reliable and scalable than User Streams, Site Streams, or our standard REST endpoints,” Cipriano wrote in the post.

Twitter also introduced direct message features earlier this year, which help companies connect with customers through features like quick replies, welcome messages, and prompts. These features are now out of beta, and starting January 15, the company will also deliver typing indicators and read receipts for Direct Messages as activities in the Account Activity API. The goal is to create more natural online conversation experiences, Cipriano wrote.

Twitter also announced that it would open up an additional beta for the standard Account Activity API that supports up to 35 accounts.

Certain features of the Direct Message beta–including location quick replies and cards, text input quick replies–will not become generally available, and will no longer work as of February 15, 2018. And as of June 19, 2018, Twitter will retire the following services and endpoints: User Streams, Site Streams, GET direct_messages, GET direct_messages/sent, GET direct_messages/show, and POST direct_messages/destroy.

These will be replaced by improved products including the Account Activity API, Cipriano wrote, and developers should plan accordingly.

Developers can apply for enterprise access to the Account Activity API by clicking here.

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