Mark Pesce, Honorary Associate at the University of Sydney, says that the days of bosses’ bad office behaviour are well and truly numbered.

Giving the keynote of Microsoft’s REMIX08 conference in Sydney today, Pesce said that thanks to services such as Twitter, employees can instantly relay bad experiences outside the normal confines of the office.

Labelling such employee and user-triggered “nuclear option[s]” as “instant karma”, Pesce claimed that “bad [office] behaviour can no longer be covered up.”

Pesce said that although in the past it was said that the Web was about content, all that’s now changed.

“The Web isn’t about content… connection is king,” he said.

Also featured in the keynote session were a new video player and shopping cart devised by ABC Commercial and the latest incarnation of the Big Brother site — both of which were built in Microsoft’s Silverlight. Version 2 of Silverlight is expected to be released prior to the opening of the Beijing Olympics, as American broadcaster NBC’s coverage will make use of the technology.

The one day REMIX08 event targets Microsoft Web developers and designers, with next leg of the conference coming to Melbourne on Thursday.