There’s a McDonalds about four blocks away from the office, and I have been known to drive through for my favorite two items on the dollar menu – medium fries and a double cheeseburger – during my lunch break. While I know that McDonalds isn’t good to eat all the time (If you’ve watched the show “Supersize Me,” you might have already cut back on your number of visits), the proximity and low cost are almost as appetizing as the food! 

According to this news story from (“Invention: The McDownload“), Walt Disney has filed patents to offer entertainment installments instead of a child’s toy with the Happy Meal. These McDownloads would be viewable in a portable player, such as a cell phone. “When the owner buys a meal they get an electronic code that authorises a partial download. If the file is in five parts there is a strong incentive to come back for four more meals.”

Statistic show that today’s youth are consuming more television, videos, and movies than ever before. I have to give McDonalds props for this one. Talk about clever McMarketing!!!!