Outlook allows users to set up predefined search folders (for example, Mail Flagged For Follow Up or Important Mail) or to define and save their own search folder criteria so they can easily locate specific messages. But because the search folder isn’t an obvious feature, many users haven’t learned to take advantage of it. Here are two methods to share with them so they can start using search folders to quickly find the mail items they need.

Method one will enable them to build a new folder from scratch, either using standard options or by specifying custom criteria. Method two will let them perform a search and then save the results as a search folder.

Note: This article is also available as a one-page PDF handout to distribute to your users.

Method one: From scratch

  1. Click File | New and select Search Folder to open the New Search Folder dialog box (Figure A).
  2. Select a predefined search folder from the list (Figure B). You can also choose Create A Custom Search Folder and specify your own criteria.
  3. Click OK, and the new search folder will appear in your Outlook folder list. In our example, we created an Unread Mail folder.

Figure A