If you are using Google Plus, then you are probably following some very active posters. This is great for gathering information and participating in ongoing conversations, but sometimes the streams you are following can get a little difficult to follow.

Well, for those situations Google has released two new features during the month of August 2011 that will help you manage those dynamic streams a little more efficiently.

Stream control

Take a look at Figure A. I am using Jason Hiner’s Google + stream as our example Guinea pig.

Figure A

Jason Hiner’s Google + stream

Arrow 1 is pointing to a small icon that will toggle expand and collapse the view of the Google + stream. If a stream is getting to busy for you to keep up with, you can collapse it and move through the stream at your own speed. (Figure B)
Arrow 2 is pointing to the new floating navigation bar. At one time this bar was attached to the top of the Google App page (including Google +), but now it floats over the flow of the page and always remains at the top. This means Google App navigation is readily available at all times.

Figure B

Expand and collapse streams as necessary

Google is always asking for feedback and suggestions that will make Google Apps better, do you have any suggestions you’d like to share with your peers at TechRepublic? Is there a particular behavior that you want to change?

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