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So after being berated and yelled at by the crazy Linux bunch (see blog), I got a copy of Linspire. I am very impressed with Linspire Five-O. Their CNR technology is very cool. It allows you to search for goodies and install them to your Linux Desktop in a snap. It is like I have gone to the store and have unlimited shopping potential. For all you psycho crazy Linux people :-), I loaded the OS on a real computer as opposed to a virtual machine and I have a printer hooked up; it was a snap. This is by far the best distribution I have worked with to date. I will blog more about Linspire Five-O later.

Just for the record, you’ll could yell at me all day long. I laugh about it. That is why I call this blog the Hot Button. Get hot, get angry, scream, yell, my feelings will not be hurt.

Oh no, I just got a virus with this new linux distribution and my computer is rebooting…lol just kidding. 

I am also very pleased with Windows Vista 5270. They redesigned the installation. It is by far an easy installation. I must admit though, it is not as easy as Linspire Five-O. I don’t think an install can be any easier and it doesn’t pain me to say that. Additionally, the look and feel of Vista is similar to OS X Tiger when you have AeroGlass running. It really is cool and they have some really great features. Check out my blog on the features of Windows Vista.

. . . . and I almost forgot, I still prefer Windows but I am going to play with Linux and become an experienced user.