OK, first of all, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m not talking THAT unacceptable.

In an article for BusinessWeek, Liz Ryan, at-work expert, speaker, writer, and CEO of online networking organization WorldWIT, outlines 10 types of behavior that are totally unacceptable in the workplace.

A few of them are things we’ve already talked about-excessive use of BlackBerries, airing personal dramas, and excessive cologne. But she also mentions some new ones:

  • Issuing invitations only to select people. She stresses that it’s rude to walk up to three people and only invite two of them to lunch.
  • Talking about money, whether it’s about how much someone makes or how much he spent on his house.
  • Spamming co-workers
  • Giving unsolicited advice

But the one she listed that seemed to garner the most emotional response from people was to keep personal habits personal. Or as she says, “I can live with a quick hair-brushing at your desk. And I think most of us wouldn’t flinch if you reapply your saucy pink lipstick right there in your cube. But you can’t floss your teeth, tweeze your eyebrows, or — God forbid — clip your fingernails.”

The overwhelming response seemed to be a resounding “Ew!” You just know there’s someone out there reading that and wondering, “What about toe nails?”

What would make your list of unacceptable work behaviors?