Always been skeptical of those astronomically high monetary figures quoted by the media in cases of information theft or unintended disclosures? Same here. The discovery by McAfee security researcher Francois Paget of an underground marketplace touting top-quality information though, could perhaps narrow the incredulity gap a little.

The information being sold appears to be heisted from legitimate users via spyware.

Francois gave a running commentary of the above diagram in his blog post:

As you can see in the following screenshot, pricing depends on available balance, bank organization and country. Additional information such as PIN and Transfer Passphrase are also given when necessary. For such prices, the seller offers some guaranties. For example, the purchase is covered by replacement, if you are unable – within the 24 hours – to log into the account using the provided details.

In fact, if you are more of a credit card fraud kind of person, U.S., Austrian and Spanish credit cards with full information, including cw2 validation details and SSN are available in packs of 10. Want to do the dirty job yourself? Skimmers designed for fitting onto ATM machines or “dump tracks” to create your own fake cards can also be acquired.

I wonder what payment options are available for folks who are interested. You think they accept Visa or Mastercard?