To compete in today’s market, many organizations need their servers and applications to operate at 24/7 uptime. Making this happen requires the implementation of a high-availability plan. For more information on high availability, you can listen to a free presentation from Gartner analyst Donna Scott, vice president of enterprise servers and storage practice. In this featured audio stream, provided by, Scott discusses the many aspects of 24/7 availability and explains which organizations should consider implementing it.
Click here to listen to the audio stream of Gartner analyst Donna Scott’s presentation on 24/7 uptime and implementing a high-availability plan.
A synopsis of Scott’s presentation
In her presentation, Scott explains how IT has become a crucial part of business practices in today’s fast-paced business market. She also describes how issues with IT applications could cause a business to lose money and miss scheduled deadlines.

Scott cites the following reasons why an organization should consider using high availability services:

  • Competitor landscape
    Are there other organizations that can take business away from your organization if it were to experience downtime?
  • Brand recognition
    Would downtime tarnish the brand you’re trying to build?
  • Switching costs
    Is it cheaper or more cost effective for clients to switch to another company?

In another example, Scott examines how downtime of one company could cause other companies to lose money as well. To illustrate, she cites an international phone company and describes how it experienced a downtime of 10 days, and as a result, couldn’t provide services to thousands of important clients. The client base, in turn, lost revenue due to their lack of phone support.

Scott also notes that there is no such thing as 100 percent high availability and that organizations that strive to achieve that goal aren’t being smart. Instead, organizations should understand the availability that is needed for their industry and their level of service. Some organizations naturally have greater needs for high availability, so they should spend more on redundant systems.

Listen to the presentation
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