I caught

the end of The Daily Show on Comedy Central last night and I heard John Hockenberry
discussing Military Blogs (MilBlogs). I have to admit that I never thought

about the potential for disseminating information on the Irag War through the

blogging of military personnel actually there doing the fighting.


included a link to Black Five’s blog,

which includes links to many other MilBlogs. The graphic honesty that you can

find in these blogs offers a different perspective on current events. This is

one area where blogging reveals its true power – to give voice to those who did

not have it before. Take heed though – these are stories from the front lines

and some can be graphic and tragic. However, it is very interesting reading.

What other

areas could blogs offer such close to the action perspective I wonder? Perhaps

President Bush should have a blog – he could explain to me exactly what all the

brush he is currently clearing has every done to him to deserve such treatment.