Unlocking Android

In this week's roundup we take a look at Google's new technology -- Native Client, its Android phone, news from the world of web browsers and more.

In news this week, Google uncovered its plans to introduce a new technology called Native Client to allow web applications to access a users' CPU. The company also announced that it is joining forces with Salesforce.com to integrate App Engine with Force.com. Developers can now get their hands on an Android phone from Google too.

Over in the world of web browsers, Chrome is about to exit the beta stage. IE7 users are being warned of a new zero-day exploit, unintentionally made public by Chinese security researchers. A new web workers feature, which is a part of the HTML 5 specification, was introduced in the latest Firefox 3.1 beta 2 and allows browsers to process scripts in the background.

From the blogs this week, Brendon Chase explored the possibility of webcams being the next input device and I looked at the new W3C mobileOK tool that has been released.

In videos we showed five services to turn off in Windows Server 2003 and the worst predictions of 2008.

In this handy tutorial, Chris Duckett shows you how to get started with Firefox extensions.

--Posted by Lana Kovacevic