Untangle, Inc. has released the Untangle on Windows open source gateway software for use on Windows PCs. Until now, Untangle has provided a Linux-based open source gateway as a free download or as a purchased piece of hardware. The Linux-based gateway offers an incredibly robust-free offering for the SOHO and unparalleled ease of use. The new product, Re-Router, offers the same functionality as the Linux-based offering.

The Untangle Re-Router product differs from the existing offerings in that it does not run dedicated hardware or require two network interfaces. The Re-Router technology uses a legitimate implementation of ARP spoofing to make the Windows client appear as a gateway to the other systems on the local network. In this fashion, there are no port translation rules for the connected clients. Once installed, an Untangle Re-Router icon will sit in the Windows system tray for access to the administrative console. Figure A shows the Re-Router system tray icon:

Figure A

Untangle Re-Router

While there is no firm limit to the number of devices on a network that could be protected by the Re-Router product, it is designed for the smallest of networks with extremely limited technology resources and staff. I see this as a good fit for the very small business that does not have much of a technology need other than Internet access. Like the Linux offering, Re-Router offers the same commercial add-ons such as support, Kaspersky advanced virus protection, PC Remote functionality, the Active Directory connector, network policy management, and a remote access portal.

The Untangle Re-Router for Windows is a free download available from the Untangle Web site.