Hi folks, if you have Windows 2000 installed then you need to know about an update to MS06-061, one of the current batch of critical patches released by Microsoft and described in my Locksmith Column this week.




 (XML Core Services Patch)

 I got this notification direct from Microsoft and their note on the problem is excerpted below.

 Microsoft Spokesperson:

“The new version of MS06-061 for Windows 2000 protects against all vulnerabilities discussed in the bulletin and correctly sets the kill bit for Microsoft XML Parser 2.6.  All customers running Windows 2000 are encouraged to download the re-released update through Microsoft Update or the Download Center. The targeted re-release will be automatically delivered only to computers running Windows 2000 through Automatic Update if it has been enabled.  Customers who are not running Windows 2000 and have already applied MS06-061 need take no action.”


You don’t need to pay any attention to this unless you are updating W2K, all other platforms can either use the initial patch or the new one if you haven’t installed it yet.

 But if you do have Windows 2000 and have applied the initial patch then you definately need to reinstall the new version.

 If you have automatic update enabled, it will handle the change.

“V2.0 (October 19, 2006): Bulletin updated: This bulletin has been re-released to re-offer the security update to customers with Windows 2000 Service Pack 4. The security update previously did not correctly set the kill bit for Microsoft XML Parser 2.6. Additional information has also been included for customers wishing to remove the security update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 and Microsoft XML Core Services 6.0.”