A few readers have brought to my attention that they are having problems with the script mentioned in my blog ‘Putting a stop to PDF spam’.  The script in question is that of Ralf Hildebrandt which periodically downloads and updates the SaneSecurity anti-scam and anti-phishing ClamAV databases.  Although the script still seemed to be operating correctly for me, I contacted Steve Basford (creator and maintainer of the SaneSecurity databases) to see whether others had reported similar problems.  Steve informed me that Ralf has withdrawn his script as the latest version of Rick Cooper’s script apparently works better.

Download Rick’s script here (Script 1).

Configuration of the script is exactly the same as that of Ralph’s script:


Make sure that PATH includes the location of ClamAV’s binaries and that CLAM_USER and CLAM_GROUP are both set to the correct values for your system. To have the script log to syslog, keep SYSLOG set to 1; otherwise, disable it by changing the value to 0.