As a consultant, I try to keep my software at the current release. I was a little late to the game installing the beta release of Office 2010.

I have had mixed experiences with the product. Everything works to be sure, but I have some glitchiness with my hosted Exchange environment, which is mostly apparent when I travel.

My main concern this time around was my upgrade scenario. It seems Microsoft’s philosophy of late has been not to support upgrades except in certain scenarios with its products which is not terribly unusual.

One feature I particularly enjoy with Office 2010 is the ability to use the same mail profile and host multiple MS Exchange mail connections, which was not possible before Outlook 2010. Outlook 2010 also supports syncing with Google Calendar online, which is great.

The sync  issues I have been seeing are mostly apparent when retrieving mail with my phone and not so prominent when I use my Outlook 2010 client although I do see TONS of synchronization errors:

Figure A

Sync errors

When I travel, if this is occurring, I don’t get mail to my Samsung Jack Windows Mobile phone.

These reasons are why I have been biting at the bit to see if installing the RTM release of Office 2010 is helpful (although I am not sure my phone issue is of any consequence).

Firstly, I did my due diligence and recorded my Outlook settings and took a system backup.

I confirmed that the Mail applet in the Control Panel was no longer present after uninstalling the beta release of Office 2010. I was expecting to reconfigure the Mail Profile with my six or so accounts, which would have been time consuming. Let me just say that although a little lengthy, the upgrade process was very quiet.

The program did not require me to reboot after the install was complete, which is not terribly exciting but does save time to get up and running.

My first step was to access the Control Panel to inspect the Mail applet so I could add my email accounts. To my astonishment, all my settings were waiting for me and nothing needed to be done!

Unfortunately, after the update, I still see synchronization errors. I’ll need to log a support ticket with Microsoft for this. If anyone has seen these issues with hosted Exchange, feel free to reply here.

Have you tried the RTM release of Office 2010? What do you think about it?

Do you know of any resource kit or other tools which preserve all data to be migrated?