Upskilling workers in the age of digital transformation

Upskilling is more than just a new term, it's becoming a necessity for many companies in response to job automation.

Upskilling workers in the age of digital transformation

Technology is advancing at a record pace. Keeping up with the changes can be a real challenge for employees. More and more company leaders are looking to upskill their employees as a way to fill needed roles in the age of digital transformation. Schedule It, a Kentucky based software company, is finding that upskilling current employees can result in a win-win situation.

Christina Meredith is a junior developer with Schedule It, a software company in Elizabethtown, KY. She started out in the companies call center but always had an interest in coding. "I realized that's what I wanted to do so over the next 2 years I showed interest and the opportunity came from my CEO for me to go to school,'' Christina said.

Bootcamp style programs are popping up all over the country as more workers look to change careers and learn the basics of coding. Meredith drove 3 hours every day for 3 months to complete the program at Awesome Inc. in Lexington, KY. "I started out with little tasks and was slowly introduced to things and the transition of switching careers really wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. It was fun and fulfilling and now that I have this experience, it's really enjoyable.''

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Ross Ladenburger, the marketing manager for Awesome Inc. said their program has turned out graduates from all walks of life. "There's a big difference between computer science graduates and the number of open computing jobs, so we are here to fill that gap and upskill people. ''Ladenburger went on to say that no coding experience is necessary to get started, just a desire to learn and solve problems. "They may have the soft skills and come from various other industries so we take those skills and combine them with tech skills and they can become junior developers.''

As automation adoption continues to change job roles, companies are seeing the need to upskill workers to keep up with the demand in new skills. Meredith believes the move from the call center to development was beneficial for her and Schedule It. "The fact that the CEO chose someone from inside the company was really great and it made a great impact on my life.''

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