Across the economy, US employers added an estimated 105,000 IT jobs to their ranks in September, according to a new CompTIA report.

The new positions included 3,200 jobs in the IT sector, 3,000 jobs in computer and electronic products manufacturing, and 4,200 jobs in IT services and customer software development. Meanwhile, data processing, hosting, and related services only added 300 jobs.

“Because postponing digital business transformation is becoming an increasingly risky proposition, businesses of all sizes seek the expertise and tools to modernize their legacy systems,” Tim Herbert, CompTIA’s senior vice president of research and market intelligence, said in a press release.

Despite the rise in new positions, job posts in IT experienced their largest drop of the year, falling nearly 40,000 in September from the previous month. However, there was little change in the occupations employers are hiring for, which include software developers, computer system engineers/architects, computer systems analysts, IT support specialists, and web developers, according to CompTIA.

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But not every IT sector experienced growth: Search portals shed some 2,400 jobs last month, and telecommunications declined by 1,900 positions.

Demand for cybersecurity professionals remains high: Job posting data and surveys of business leaders suggests a continued shortage of experts across the economy.

“Whether short-term job numbers rise or fall, there is simply no question that IT and specifically IT security specialists are going to remain in extremely high demand,” Corey White, chairman of the CompTIA Cybersecurity Advisory Board, said in the release. “The increase in extremely damaging data breaches has certainly led to an increase in demand for skilled cybersecurity workers and leading-edge services.”

CompTIA cited research from, which found that there were nearly 300,000 job postings for cybersecurity positions from mid-2016 to mid-2017.

“Additionally, because every IT worker, and even most knowledge workers, have some level of involvement in cybersecurity, demand for cybersecurity skills is much broader than the dedicated cybersecurity roles reflected in the job posting data,” Herbert said in the release.

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  • US employers created an estimated 105,000 IT jobs in September. -CompTIA, 2017
  • In September, the IT sector added 3,200 new jobs, computer and electronic products manufacturing added 3,000 new jobs, and IT services and customer software development added 4,200 new jobs. -CompTIA, 2017
  • Demand for cybersecurity professionals continued to rise through 2017. -CompTIA, 2017