US-CERT recently issued a major cybersecurity warning for the Olympic Games

Hackers may capitalize on the Olympics to spread messages and steal personally identifiable information. Fans and athletes must remember that they are responsible for their own cybersecurity.

US-CERT recently issued a major cybersecurity warning for the Olympic Games

This is the last interview in a series of videos with Kroll cybersecurity and investigations senior managing director Alan Brill. The other videos may be found here:

TechRepublic met with Kroll's Alan Brill to explain the organization US-CERT, and their warning for the Olympic Games.

Brill: Sure. The CERT team--and these exist in very much every country--is a Computer Emergency Response Team. Their job is the look across a lot of incidents at a lot of places and try to give advice on what's going wrong and what you can do about it. When it comes to the Olympics, this is really for those visiting the Olympics, and those participating in the Olympics.

And what they said is that it's kind of a dangerous cyber environment, that Wi-Fi may not be all it's cracked up to be. Communications may not be what you expect in terms of security. But I think, essentially, you can bring it down to this, and that is, if you're going to be visiting the games, if you're going to be there as a participant, as a corporate visitor, whatever, the responsibility for your cybersecurity, whether you're communicating with friends or you're communicating with your company back home, that responsibility is yours, and you have to do some things to make sure that you're not leaking information unnecessarily.

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