Telecommuting could soon be a mandated option for a large number of U.S. federal employees. Unified communications could help streamline the process by making it easier to contact co-workers no matter what phone number or computer they are working from.


The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on June 3 that would require federal agencies to put policies in place that would allow eligible employees to regularly work from home.

As reported by the Washington Post:

Under the bill, federal agencies would be required to create and implement policies to enable eligible employees to work from home or away from their regular office as long as telecommuting did not hamper their performance or interfere with agency operations. Telework advocates and union officials have been pushing for expanded telecommuting programs in the government for two years, and the House action enhances the chances of Congress sending a bill to the president this year.

To hear more about the details of this bill, a brief history of telework and telecommuting policies, and how the move toward telework could create more interest in unified communications, listen to this interview with Diane Shariff, Avaya’s Director of Unified Communications Solutions.


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