The Web site of Panama’s national assembly was hacked recently, and the officials are pointing to a American hacker.

An excerpt from Register:

According to Reuters, unnamed officials accordingly suspect the attack may have come from the US, possibly provoked by the election to the legislature’s presidency last September of Pedro Miguel Gonzalez – wanted in the States for the 1992 murder of US Army Sergeant Zac Hernandez.

The US strongly opposed Gonzalez’s candidature, and high-profile politicians including Hillary Clinton have “vowed not to ratify a pending free trade deal with Panama unless Gonzalez is removed from his post”.

The hack was attributed to U.S. hackers from the brief images of the U.S. flag that were flashed on the Web site.

Hacking government Web sites has its allure. Not only is there immense popularity, but on the lighter side, it is one of the least destructive ways to voice one’s opinion.

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