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When working with tables in Access, you often have to refer
to data in various tables—even if the tables aren’t related. The good news is that it’s simple to create a select query to find records in one table that don’t
have related records in another table.

For example, suppose your database contains a table named
Computers 101-Registered Students, which lists the students who have registered
for a Computer course. Your database also has a second table named Computers
101-Attendance, which lists the students who are currently attending the
course. Let’s say that you want to find out if any students attending the
course have not yet registered.

Follow these steps to set up a query that will answer your

  1. Select
    Queries under Objects in the Database Window.
  2. Go to
    New | Find Unmatched Query Wizard and then click OK.
  3. Select
    Computer 101-Attendance and then select Computer 101-Registered.
  4. Select
    the matching field, for example, Student ID.
  5. Select
    the student first_name and last_name
    fields and click Finish.

The results will list the names of the students who are
listed as attending the course but have no record of being registered.