When you create a form in Word, you can have users save the
entire form, or save only the data they enter on the form. If you want them to
save the entire form, they would save the form as they would any Word document.
If you only want them to save the data, your users must perform these steps
before they save the form:

  1. Go to
    Tools | Options.
  2. Under
    the Save tab, select Save Data Only For Forms
    check box.
  3. Click
  4. Make
    any changes in the Form Conversion dialog box and click OK.

You can place these instructions on the form itself, or you
can create a macro that will run these steps when users open the form file.
After you set the Save Data Only For Forms option, the
Word Save command will save only the data to a text file in the format shown in
the Form Conversion dialog box. You can import this file into another program,
such as a spreadsheet or database, for future analysis.

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