Field validation rules ensure that any data entered into a field conforms to business rules. But what if the data entered into one field is dependent upon what is entered into another field? For example, say that a company has set maximum credit limits for customers from certain states; therefore, the rule for the Creditlimit field is determined by the State field. To set the table properties for this validation rule, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Customer table in Design View.
  2. Open the table property sheet (Figure A).

Figure A

  1. Click in the Validation Rule property box and then click the Build button.
  2. In the Expression Builder Dialog box, type the following expression at the prompt:

[State]In (“MO”) AND [CreditLimit]<=30000 Or [State] In(“IL”) AND CreditLimit]<=20000 Or [State]Not In (“MO”,”IL”)

  1. Click OK.
  2. Click in the Validation Text box of the Table’s Property Sheet and enter Value entered is above customer’s credit limit (Figure B).

Figure B

Now when an attempt is made to enter a credit limit amount above the maximum for the customer’s location, an error message is displayed (Figure C).

Figure C

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