A former executive recruiter has created an online tool that lets job hunters organize and track their progress. Here’s a look at the application.


One of the most difficult aspects of job hunting for an IT pro is having to switch gears from dealing with technical details on a daily basis to the big picture of marketing oneself. Some of us muddle our way through the interviewing process with interviewers’ business cards tucked away in pockets of folders or short notes in our PDAs as to when and where an interview will be. It would be nice to apply the same principles of, say, IT project management to the job search, wouldn’t it?

One technical recruiter has made steps to do just that by creating a Web-based tool that helps job seekers track the job search process. Duane Roberts is a recruiter who has been involved in the staffing and recruitment industry since 1995. Roberts has worked with job seekers ranging from individual contributors in the technology space to senior management and C-level executives. As a recruiter, he always had some kind of tool for tracking the people he was working with — the hiring folks as well as those seeking to be placed.

Roberts noticed a critical missing link for job seekers themselves, however — the lack of an effective tool for managing their various job leads from multiple sources (job boards, recruiters, personal referrals, etc.). That idea was the genesis for C.M.T., Roberts’ career management tool.

C.M.T. is a comprehensive Web-based career management tool that enables you to track every new job lead from any source. It works hand in hand with boards like Monster.com, DICE, CareerBuilder.com, TheLadders, and even job posting sources.

Here’s a peek at the tool.

Savvy job hunters know that you should have a variety of resumes that you send. You may customize one for a particular job description, or have a couple different types on hand depending on the type of work you’re applying for. Figure A shows how you can use the tool to keep track of all of the versions of resumes you send and see how successful any particular version is in generating company interest (interviews).

Figure A

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If you apply for many jobs, you’ll want to keep track of where you are with each position. Figure B shows how the tool lets you see how many of your jobs are at a certain stage in the interview process.

Figure B

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For more on the tool, you can visit the site for a tutorial.

There are a couple of pricing options available, but Roberts tells me that the prepay packages are the most economical:

Month to month – $10/month

6 Month prepay – $48 ($8/month)

12 Month prepay – $72 ($6/month)