Use Excel's formatting tools to attractively arrange charts on a sheet

If you're making the effort to organize your data into charts, why not take the extra step and make them look organized with consistent sizing too? In this Excel tip, discover how to format your charts so they appear all the same size.

If you are going to publish your Excel worksheet or include it in a presentation, you can't leave it up to the chart wizard to size and position your embedded charts. The chart wizard will position charts wherever it can, sizing each one differently. The wizard's placement of the charts usually is not suitable for presentations without some additional formatting. For example, for a more professional look, you can resize the charts to the same height and width (say 3 x 6 inches). Follow these steps:

  1. Press [Ctrl] while selecting all the charts.
  2. Go to Format | Object.
  3. On the Size tab, enter 3 for the height and 6 for the width.
  4. Click OK.

All the charts will now resize together. You can also use the mouse to resize the charts graphically. With the charts selected, click and drag one of the corners of one chart and the entire group will resize accordingly. You can also reposition the charts together. For example, to align them vertically, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click a toolbar, and select Drawing.
  2. Press [Ctrl] while selecting all the charts.
  3. Click the Draw button in the Drawing toolbar.
  4. Move the mouse to Align or Distribute and click AlignCenter.

You can also move the charts as a group by selecting them all and clicking and dragging one of them to the desired position. Again, all charts will move together.

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